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Why go for artificial grass?

Artificial grass has been the up-and-coming garden trend of recent years, taking root on many lawns, balconies and rooftops. HyperGrass artificial grass is the perfect solution for every garden, including yours!

  • Artificial grass suffers from hardly any discolouration due to the sun or temperature, as opposed to natural grass. Imagine having the same fresh green lawn all year round!

  • HyperGrass is high quality artificial grass and has almost as natural a look as natural grass.

  • It can be manipulated into all shapes and colours. Round, triangular or in a completely unique form: no idea is too wild. Or how about a green-looking roof terrace or balcony? HyperGrass is the perfect partner!

  • Artificial grass will always look its best, even in shady surroundings or next to your pool.

  • Whether you have a modern or classic garden, HyperGrass will lift your outside oasis to a new level.

HyperGrass artificial grass also has many other advantages: it is virtually maintenance free and environmentally friendly, it can be used anywhere, it is relatively inexpensive compared to natural grass, it is safe, soft and allergy free and it can be easily cleaned. One thing is certain, you will be able to enjoy your perfectly groomed, consistently green lawn all year round! Read all about the advantages here.

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What does HyperGrass guarantee?

HyperGrass stands for craftsmanship from start to finish. We will assist you in every step of the process, from the design to the choice of materials, the preparatory works, the installation and the aftercare!


Op zoek naar kunstgras voor een sportterrein of binnen?
Voor een tuin of een bedrijventerrein?
HyperGrass heeft voor alles een ideale oplossing.

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Looking for artificial grass for a sports field or for inside your house or office? For a garden or an industrial estate? HyperGrass can provide tailor-made solutions to meet your needs.

Environmentally friendly and low budget

By eliminating the need for water, fertilisers, nutrients or herbicides, artificial grass has multiple environmental advantages. No need to buy a lawnmower or fuel, and no need to dethatch or resow your lawn as you would with natural grass. You can easily save money, time and water!

Low maintenance

Imagine enjoying your perfect lawn without ever having to use a lawnmower! A small amount of maintenance, such as removing leaves, is enough to keep your lawn in mint condition. It is the ideal solution for people who don't like to garden or who travel a lot.

Allergy free

People who are allergic to grass pollen can let out a sigh of relief.

Safe and soft

Your children can play on the soft artificial grass without you having to worry about grass-stained knees or bugs.

Sustainable and colour-fast

Whether it’s winter or summer, hot or cold, your HyperGrass artificial grass will always look immaculate. Fungi or lawn diseases are no threat to your artificial grass, and shade or chlorine (from a neighbouring swimming pool) won’t affect your lawn either. Thanks to the high UV resistance of HyperGrass, your artificial grass can last for years.

Look & Feel

HyperGrass artificial grass not only looks amazing, it is also incredibly soft to the touch. Artificial grass will look the same all year round and will not be affected by moss or weeds.

Applicable everywhere

The HyperGrass artificial grass can be installed on any surface, in any shape or form, making it hyperflexible! Start dreaming of that perfect lawn on your roof terrace or balcony now...

Easy to clean

Did you spill something on the artificial grass? No problem. HyperGrass artificial grass is easy to clean.

Three cheers for less maintenance and more fun in your garden.!


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Do you have questions about artificial grass? Below we give an overview of the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want more information!

Does HyperGrass offer a guarantee on their artificial grass?

Yes, we offer a guarantee of either 5 or 10 years, depending on the type of grass you choose.

Is artificial grass safe for children?

Artificial grass is child-friendly. Not only is it nice and soft, but after a rainstorm the grass will quickly dry again. All of the materials used in HyperGrass artificial grass have been extensively tested for fire safety, environmental friendliness and suitability as a safe playground for children. When you opt for our shock absorbing padding, the grass will be extra suitable to go underneath swings or playground equipment. Easy carefree playtime is thus guaranteed on artificial grass..

I have moles. Is artificial grass a good solution?

A strong backing is applied to the underside of the artificial grass during the production process, serving as a ‘mole barrier’. Since the base of an artificial lawn isn’t organic, it isn’t the ideal environment for roots or worms that normally attract moles.

Why does HyperGrass artificial grass look so similar to natural grass?

Mother Nature was the main source of inspiration for the development of our artificial grass. Through 30 years of research and development, this muse has inspired us to combine the best possible components in one solution. In particular, the artificial grass with longer fibres can hardly be distinguished from natural grass.

How can I clean my artificial grass lawn?

If necessary, you can clean the HyperGrass artificial grass with a leaf blower or a (lawn) rake. Avoid steel rakes, as they can damage the fibres.

Soda spills can easily be rinsed away with water. Chewing gum and similar waste can be removed manually. Place some ice on the chewing gum, but avoid solvents. Another effective way to clean the artificial grass is by using warm water and green soap.

Can HyperGrass artificial grass be tailored to any specific shape?

Yes, we can cut HyperGrass in any shape you want. Because the material is so flexible, we can create a unique atmosphere by combining different shapes and colours. Nothing is too crazy! We do recommend that you rely on one of our experts for the installation of HyperGrass artificial grass, since it requires specific experience and expertise.